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    Sitewide Text Link - Popular Site - 10,000 + visitors per day - Good Placement

    Site is Zelda Universe

    I think you all see the placement - Under "Sponsored Links" in the menu right next to the content. Very prominent position, sitewide link.

    You can see the stats for the site here - That only measures on the actual main site where you link will be seen, and not in the external parts such as the forums and media gallery.

    Price - $25 per month - You can either PayPal me the money directly (paypal adr: webmaster(at), or sign up for the subscription service here.

    Be sure to send me an e-mail or a PM once you've sent the money to confirm the links URL and TEXT.

    There is a roof of ten advertisers at all times, so we've only got five open spots this month. I expect them all to sell out pretty fast, so be quick if you're interested! - My somewhat inactive and fairly uninteresting blog.

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    Would be interested for our site but do you have some idea of the range of clickthroughs in a months time from high to low?

    Thanks kevin -

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