I am looking for two people to promote an auction site I own: wwwOnWebAuctions.com

The site is specifically for online auctions, i.e. items and services that can be traded online.
Take a look at the categories to get an idea of what I mean.

I need two people that will promote the site by getting new registrations and new auctions listed.

For every 5 new auctions you get listed, you will earn $0.5.
This doesn't mean you list the auctions, it means you get new registrations that will be listing their own auctions.

To receive credit for an auction being listed, just tell me you referred them once it is up.

I will be checking on this so don't try scam me

I will only be selected two people and money will be paid each time you reach a minimum of $5 - This wont be difficult to do.

You can get new signups anyway you want, but don't go spamming the site.

To apply to for this, please PM me with details on what you will do to promote the site.

You must get a minimum of 10 new auctions per week or you will lose your position and credit you have gained
Please take note of this.