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    In need of a layout coder


    I have bought a nice looking design, but i am in need of a good coder.
    Someone with experience with css and html, please no image ready coders, because i can do that my self, but a proffessional hand coder.

    Please pm me with the price and the turn around time.

    Thank you

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    ImageReady is just a start to coding. Most people use it to slice their design up. Then the coder has to add text and tables etc. How else can a designer slice up the layout?

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    Hi Vaanie I code fully by hand, I dont take slices or Imageready code.
    Contact me via sig to get this done, 40-50 $
    Affordable Web Design From
    MSN:[email protected]

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    my partner and I will code the site for you for a flat price of 40. our finished work will be compatible with firefox, ie, etc.

    contact us back if you're interested.

    look forward to working with you.

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    I think maybe he may have ment using image proccessing tools like Dreamwaver or front page, or somthing like that. I am willing to do this for $20.

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