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    Question languages template for navigation!

    ok i have a website with 2 languages (i think its going to be more after some time)

    for now i use all normal php pages (i dont know much about php)
    and simply include the header (which have the navigation) and a footer

    My Q. is the navigation have to be in 2 languages but i dont want to put both languages next to eachother

    and i have seen this with othre templates they pick one language and the same language stay on all the other pages
    how can i do that?
    or is there a good tutorial?

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    You could just put a link to the google translator.

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    You can set a cookie. This way when they come back to the site or while they navigate around you can check to see what language they prefered..

    Use the $_COOKIE superglobal (not $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS as its outdated and won't work on php5)

    The other option is to use session variables to store the users preference for a language, but that only lasts as long as the browser is open and the session has not expired. But works if you are navigating the site. But what i think you want is cookies...

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