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    MCGOOHQ Pty Ltd acquires Aussie Hosts

    MCGOOHQ Pty Ltd acquires Aussie Hosts

    Canberra May 31, 2005 - MCGOOHQ Pty Ltd has announced today that it has acquired Aussie Hosts, further strengthening their position as one of Australia's leading web hosts.

    Planning and negotiations began earlier this year, towards a friendly merger that is in the best interests of both businesses. "The resulting economies of scale will enable the amalgamated enterprise to remain competitive and stay abreast of new technology." said Michael McGoogan, Managing Director of MCGOOHQ. MCGOOHQ paid an undisclosed six-figure sum for ownership of the Aussie Hosts, and the acquisition also includes the US based sister entity

    This move will create a strong force in web hosting, and opens up many opportunites to Aussie Hosts clients. The result being a single, highly regarded service provider supporting Cpanel and Plesk both on Unix and Windows platforms, localy here in Australia and overseas.

    Currently ranked the Number 1 Web Hosting Top Buy by the PC User Magazine, Aussie Hosts has asserted its precedence as a leading Plesk hosting provider in Australia and the US, with its dedication to after-sales support and service. Both Aussie Hosts and Enhanced Host went through a tremendous growth period in 2003, and used 2004 to concentrate on re-evaluating and refining all aspects of their customer relations, to ensure that they sidestepped the usual "growth pains" associated with an increasing customer base.

    The team at MCGOOHQ have also enjoyed tremendous success, by adopting principles and work ethics in keeping with our own. It's not uncommon to see Aussie Hosts and MCGOOHQ both being highly recommended side by side on forums that deal with web hosting, and it's very rare to find any history of client complaints about either service. This acquisition, quite simply, combines the strength of these two very powerful brands.

    "It has been an interesting, fulfilling and personally rewarding journey for both Marita and myself, and we look forward to seeing Aussie Hosts continue to go from strength to strength under the control of MCGOOHQ." said Gary Meadows, the previous owner of Aussie Hosts.

    More information:

    Contact: Michael McGoogan
    Email: [email protected]

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