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    Heads up, malicious user

    This user has suscribed to our service 3 times already using stolen paypal accounts. He orders the most expensive service, then uses your servers as spam gateways, sending a few hundred e-mail's per second obviously bogging down the server. The e-mails are fraudulent paypal e-mails, so I deleted them from the mail queue (some 500 of them) so no more would be sent.

    User tried to use the domain ( and flls in the address fields as none. The IP captured at the gateway is and the e-mail address used this time is [email protected]

    Please be on lookout for this user, I shall be contacting the ISP later on today presuming he isn't using some proxy service. We've also turned off automatic account creation from the gateway to prevent these occurences

    Anyone else had this user in the past?
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    pretty nice information.

    Even Hacking is tolerated to some extent, i really hate spamming through emails,

    these type of idiots cannot be prevented, but must be caught red hand.

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    Re: Heads up, malicious user

    Thanks for the info.

    We don't accept orders from Free email addresses like or etc. These free email are mostly used by such users. According to a report 95% fraud uses free email service provider.

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    This is very informative. 95% people who commit frauds are actually using free mail service provider.


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