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    Bandwidth overusage due to spider?

    One of my customer's site shut down because of huge bandwidth overload. Checking her stats (view screencap , this IP number consumed 894 MB in just one day.

    Doing a whois
    The IP block belongs to Hurricane Electric or
    Search results for:

    Hurricane Electric HURRICANE-4 (NET-65-19-128-0-1) -
    Energy Group, Inc. HURRICANE-CE1290-5422 (NET-65-19-169-224-1) -
    I had similar problem with when a gigablast spider attacked my boards and bringing it down three times. This time around, I am not sure if this is a spider since it points to Energy Group, Inc

    What do you think this is? Why do they take so much bandwidth away ?
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    Best thing to do might be ptu in a robots.txt to stop the spider. IT sounds like it got caugh in a loop eating up all the space

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    On a personal forum I run the MSN bot seems to like having a look around every so often.

    This wastes about 100MB of BD a time, which doesn't seem much but it's annoying...specially as I have a robots.txt file inplace
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