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    Large network for sale - $25,000.


    I'm selling network of websites. All websites are connected so I'm selling it all as one package, not separately. Its total of 5 developed websites and 21 domains.

    Reason for sale: I'm looking to retire from current web businesses so I'm selling all my websites.

    Whole network is a perfect solution to boost search engine position of your existing network. For detailed explanation see notes below price.

    1. - styles for popular phpBB software.
    Age: website is about 1 year old
    Traffic: about 100,000 unique visitors a month for last 3 month (was lower before)
    Google page rank: 7
    Alexa rank: 21,855 is a main website. It is a forum, but you don't have to keep it that way so you can simply lock all forums and add your own content. It is fully optimized for search engines and includes additional security features.

    2., - downloads for phpbb, phpnuke, mambo, smilies, avatars
    Age: websites are 6 month old
    Traffic: about 70,000 unique visitors in May
    Google page rank: 7 for stylesdb, 6 for themesdb
    Alexa rank: 165,955 stylesdb, 258,137 themesdb
    These websites generate most profit from adsense. Few weeks ago I have altered layout to make it as search engine friendly as it can get. Websites use custom script. Design is tableless xhtml/css.

    3. - free fonts website (quality website, not turnkey junk)
    Age: 2 month
    Traffic: 14,000 unique visitors in May
    Website is new, but it already provides about 500 unique visitors a day and has 9,240 pages indexed in google. It has 2,500 fonts available for download, custom script, full search engine optimization. Even though its new it is already on first page of MSN for popular "free fonts" keyword. Design is tableless xhtml/css.

    4. - winamp skins website
    Age: 1 month
    Traffic: 2,000 unique visitors in May
    Website is very new, so it doesn't provide much traffic or profit yet. It uses custom script and includes full search engine optimization. Design is tableless xhtml/css.

    5. Extra domains that are used in network (all are included in sale):, - used for demo forum.,,,,,,,, - all redirect to I registered all those domains to avoid competition.,,,, - not used and I don't need it, so I include those in sale too.

    Price for whole network is $25,000.

    Why $25,000? Network is not about any popular topic, it currently generates only about $1000/month profit, so current income doesn't justify that price. Hovewer, traffic is increasing very quickly, so I expect that $25,000 can be made within a year by just keeping network intact. But real value of whole network is many times more. Whole network is based on free phpBB styles. At least 2-3 websites put those phpBB styles every day and in footer of it they have link to one or two of those websites. All styles are premium quality so lots of users want to download and use it. This is a perfect opportunity to boost ranking of your existing network. You get established links generating network, and you can change text in footer of styles to match your requirements so you can use it to promote your websites. And because of high ranking of all websites you can also change content of websites to something that generates much more profit and you get guaranteed traffic. This whole network will provide you with tens or hundreds of thousands of links to your existing network.

    You get full righs for all phpbb styles that I have created. So you can do whatever you want with it. I will provide you with original psd files (or png files for old styles because old styles were created with Fireworks MX, not Photoshop) for those styles so you can do with it whatever you want. There is a small catch though. Styles that are marked as "other styles" on (see "quick links" section on left) must include link to website that I have sold about a year ago (per my agreement with new owner of that website). Those are not the most popular styles, but those styles include link to, so you still get good profit from offering those styles, and you don't loose anything. All styles that are marked as "latest styles" are the most popular ones and you have full rights to do with it whatever you want. And most styles in "latest styles" section include several color schemes, so in fact there are much more styles in latest styles than in old styles sections.

    To keep it all running you'll need to update styles to latest phpBB if phpBB is updated. That happens once every few month and usually there are no changes in templates so update isn't needed, but sometimes there are changes. If there is a change then you can hire someone to update those styles. If you don't keep it up to date then you most likely will easily keep existing links, but won't be able to make new links, so I suggest to keep styles up to date. There are lots of phpbb designers who will do that for small price. Updating one style usually takes about 5-10 minutes so updating all styles shouldn't take more than 1-2 hours.

    Currently I have 3 paying clients who are buying text links on my website. It provides $400/month. Clients pay monthly with recuring payment using 2checkout. I can redirect those clients to you so they will keep their links and pay to you, or you can cancel those links. Its up to buyer to decide what to do with it.

    Bandwidth used by all website is getting close to 100 Gb a month, so you'll need appropriate hosting account. All scripts are optimized for cpu usage and include lots of caching functions, so cpu is not a problem. I will not give you my current hosting account because its a reseller account and I'm hosting websites for few friends so you'll need to have your own hosting account. StylesDB, themesdb and all websites that link to it share same files and same database, so currently I'm using symbolic link to point all those websites to same public_html directory and I suggest you do the same. If you don't know how to do it then I can help you (if it is possible with your host). For that I recommend that you have DirectAdmin reseller account (not cPanel because cPanel creates separate logins for every website) or you have shared IP that you can use for all those websites or you have dedicated server (or VPS) for it.

    Payment will be done with Escrow fees will be split. All domains are registered with godaddy, so it will be easy to transfer. I'll help you move websites, and in future will provide support for websites (explaining to you or your programmer how it all works so you can easily modify it).

    If you have any questions please pm me.
    Other ways to contact me:
    email: cyberalien[at]
    msn: msn[at]
    aim: phpbbstyles
    phone: +372-58141572 (note: my spoken english is quite bad)


    A little update on what is being sold here.

    Few interested clients have asked lots of questions so here is clarification about it:

    1. Adsense income. I can provide any screenshots that you want. pm or email or send instant message on aim/msn for it. Hovewer, income from adsense was low until this month because I didn't care much about ads. Then I changed ad placement at the end of last month and now getting normal income. Also I've changed ad placement on last week and revenue from that website more than doubled in last few days (its not the most profitable website though. most profitable is

    2. Traffic. Most traffic comes from search engines, mostly from google. I'll provide links to traffic details on request.

    But those parameters are not the most important parameters in this sale. Price is larger than yearly income if income would stay the same as it is now. This sale is about potencial for your existing network to boost ranking. Because of my websites you have ability to generate hundreds of incoming links to your websites per day without any effort. And forum admins who use styles on their forums constantly promote their forums, so quality of existing links is constantly increasing.

    How it works? User wants a style for his forum he goes to phpbbstyles or stylesdb because those are ones of the most popular websites for styles downloads, he downloads style, puts it on his forum and you've got free sitewide links. If you change text of links and link it to your websites then you got free sitewide links to your current websites. And that is repeated for every user who downloads. So you've got unlimited source of links. No more need to buy links or exchange links. Users are happy to keep sitewide link in footer in exchange for free phpbb style.

    So if you want to buy network just to keep it running as it is now and don't change anything then you most likely won't get your investment back within a year (but should get it within about 18 month). But if you will be using it to boost your own websites, or will replace content of my websites with something more profitable (like AWS scripts or templatemonster affiliate) then you'll get your investment back much sooner than a year and will have constant source of links to boost your other websites. So this sale is for webmasters who know what to do with highly ranked websites, not for webmasters who simply collect websites.
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    I have a question about the fonts website. How did you get all those fonts (bought a database, searched internet and found them etc..)? Is is a homemade script? If not what script?
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    Woops guess I posted too late.
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    All websites (except for forum that uses phpbb) use only homemade scripts
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