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    subdomains not resolving??

    excuse me for coming off as a newb, but none of the subdomains on my site are resolving - even one that is the 'domain' for a CPanel account. do you mind taking a look at the dns and pointing out anything that might be wrong (i added them through CPanel)?

    also i should note that i don't think it's a propogation issue since the subdomains were in the zone before i pointed the domain to the appropriate nameservers. and when i did point the domain, it took minutes for it to propogate - which astounded me.

    here is the file (where 'abc' is my domain and '' is my site's IP):

    ; Zone File for
    $TTL 14400
    @       14440   IN      SOA$
                                            )       14400   IN      NS       14400   IN      NS       14400   IN      A
         14400   IN      A       14400   IN      MX      0
    mail    14400   IN      CNAME
    www     14400   IN      CNAME
    *       14400   IN      CNAME
    ftp.    14400   IN      A
    ns1.    14400   IN      A
    ns2.    14400   IN      A
    server1 14400   IN      A
    sub1    14400   IN      A
    www.sub1        14400   IN      A
    sub2       14400   IN      A
    www.sub2   14400   IN      A
    sub3     14400   IN      A
    www.sub3 14400   IN      A
    sorry if it's difficult to read... does anyone see something wrong? what else could cause this to happen?


    p.s. - www, server1, and mail all work correctly -- even before i added the wildcard CNAME entry.

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    www worked before you added the cname entry... hmmm. Are you sure you're modifying the correct DNS server?

    try to see what it says.

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    ah, problem solved, there was an error in my httpd.conf for some reason. thanks for making the effort.

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