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    how to update perl and exim versions.

    I have cPanel.WHM updates set to this config:
    cPanel/WHM Updates Automatic (STABLE tree)
    Package Updates Automatic
    Security Package Updates Automatic

    version information:
    Kernel version 2.4.21-32.0.1.ELsmp
    cPanel Build 10.2.0-RELEASE 82

    Machine Type i686
    Apache version 1.3.33 (Unix)
    PERL version 5.8.0
    PHP version 4.3.11
    MySQL version 4.0.24-standard
    exim v 4.43
    perl 5.8.0

    Even though I am on the latest cpanel release, I think exim and perl are outdated.

    1. Doesn't cpanel update them? Will appreciate if you can confirm your versions and guide me to update exim and perl. - The latest release is 4.51. This is a bug fix and features release in the 4.xx series of releases - see the download pages. Documentation has been updated for 4.50. Versions 4.43 and prior had some security related bugs and should either be patched or updated to 4.44 or later

    2. Also says that the latest stable is cPanel Build 10.2.0-RELEASE 83 but my version stays put at cPanel Stable Build 10.2.0-RELEASE 82 even after I try to upgrade it. Is anybody on cPanel Stable Build 10.2.0-RELEASE 83 yet.

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    /scripts/eximup should update exim for you, and /scripts/ceckoldperl should check the perl version and for an update for you.
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    You could also install manually via Layer1 Cpanel

    tar -zxvf perl586installer.tar.gz
    cd perl586installer

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