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    SiteStudio on a cPanel server

    By chance is anyone else having problems with PSoft's SiteStudio on a non-Hsphere system? I got them to professionally install it on a cPanel/RHEL server, but I get a lot of hit or miss problems with it that are driving me crazy!

    Occasionally image uploading stops working and after the files are uploaded to the server, they don't show up in SS. Every now and then all contact us forms stop working and if I try to restart SS, it doesn't reload and I'm forced to reboot. Things will work perfectly for a while and then conk out on random occasions.

    I've contacted Psoft support several times, but we haven't really been able to iron out any of these issues. Has anyone else experienced odd behaviour like this?

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    I've seen a lot of quirks like that and a lot of them were solved by upgrading to the latest version.

    Psoft has also been pretty good about helping me by logging into my server and fixing things.

    See if they will do that for you too.
    Mark Oberg

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