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    Domain Name Protection - ONLY $9.99 PER DOMAIN!


    DotContract™ is your premier domain name ( third party protection service. Unlike any other service in the world, we protect thousands of Domain Name Owners across the globe against fraud and loss. DotContract™ allows domain name owners to acquire a Certificate of Protection on any existing domain name owned or any future domain names purchased.

    What exactly do we provide?

    DotContract™ will provide mediation remedies and documentation as required to strictly enforce your Certificate of Protection.

    We never charge additional fees for any services you may require in the event your domain suffers a violation. This includes mediation services, complete investigation to 'track down' the offender, legal services and in some cases legal action.

    In addition we offer compensation up to $1000.00 USD for lost income due to a violation of your Domain Name Certificate of Protection.

    How do I get protected?

    A Domain Name Certificate of Protection may be purchased only by the original and verifiable owner of a domain name that has already been previously purchased.

    To create a new Certificate of Protection, the domain name owner would simply login to their DotContract Account and click ‘New Certificate’. Enter the domain name to be protected, click submit and pay the one time fee of just $9.99 per certificate.

    When a new Domain Name Certificate of Protection is purchased, our system will then match all identifying information with the original domain name registrar. Providing all information is correct and verifiable, we will then issue a new Certificate of Protection for that domain name.

    In the event that there are discrepancies, we will then require the individual requesting a new Certificate of Protection to fax or email proof of identification. Upon approval, the Certificate will immediately be issued.

    Lastly, copy and paste your official seal code provided in a special email from DotContract and display it on your sites home page! It is that easy!

    We currently accept PayPal only. If you would prefer to pay through 2CheckOut, please email me at [email protected] after you sign up for the name and I will try to work out a deal with you.

    Thanks, and have a great day everyone.

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