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    Gigeservers or Black Lotus, part II

    OK, so since the last thread spiraled horribly out of control, here's part II. Please, only post if you have experience with each company.


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    Well I'll post again. Black Lotus -

    Since it's based on personal experience don't have to explain much.

    I just like their staff and network better
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    Not too sure about GigeServer, but I have personally been a customer with Blacklotus for the past one year.

    I must say that their service has been excellent and Jeffrey Lygon has been a great help to me all these while. His sincerity, honesty and his quality of service amazed me right from the start.

    Network wise - it's extremely good with NRSoftware/XEEX and till date, there isnt any outages.

    Just about two weeks ago (on a Sunday early morning), my server was reported down. I launched a support ticket with them and received a reply from John Blazek (Manager of Operations I think) almost immediately. Activated the tech guy to have a look on the box. Everything was up within a couple of hours - was due to the CAT5 cable loosening out from my box, due to a broken locking tab on the cable.

    What I am amazed more was that they recognised that it was their fault and immediately on the next working day, processed a small discount for me for the month .. Thanks

    I must confess that I am a difficult customer to handle as I have the tendency to blow my top over the slightest issue that ever arise but my 1 year of experience with BLCC has generally been good. Jeff and his team has always given me valuable advise and replies, which "cool" me down from time to time (hahaha).

    All in all, I would highly recommend them should you need them for hosting your IRC servers/services.


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