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    Mails Redirect or ???

    Hi there!

    I kinda have a small question.
    If my client who was from 1 server (eg. Server1) would like to jump to another server (Server2) and would like to maintain the account on both servers... (with the same domain), is there gonna be way for him to redirect his mails to Server2 if people from Server1 sent it to him.

    It would be considered an internal mail if a client from Server1 sents to him. I don't want that happening as he would have to double check the emails that he has and it would be a very BIG hassle.

    I'm not sure how to solve this... I could not use redirect as he is using the same domain, thus redirect would redirect to the same place itself. (from Server1 to Server1). Is there a way to solve this???

    Thanx for the help in advance.

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    If it is a Unix system he could use fetchmail on server2 to retrieve and mirror his mail from server1.

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