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    Can anyone comment on service and support? They have great price as to fully managed server but I got doubt to sign them up because I dont know much about this company.

    When I browse this website, the design does bot look professional and they use all open source application like live chat and ticket support system. They are based in Phhilipines but no phone support which make me have second thought ot their relability.

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    I'm interested on your service as well Charles..but unfortunelly your company doesn't accept non paypal payment

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    I have been happy with them so far. Recently we had one small error but they dealt with it in a timely manner.

    Derrick - High Quality Reseller/ Multiple Domain Hosting.

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    I cannot recommend them enough. They have certainly proven themselves in my book.

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    I'd buy a server right now if they accepted credit cards. Paypal is a pain and getting a merchant account is so easy these days. Makes me kinda wonder. I'll be watching though...

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