Hello all -

I hope that some of you experts can advise me about the following question:

I am on a vps server with cpanel/whm. I have 2 static IPs with this host. I would like my users to begin using ssl+smtp over the ordinary port .

The problem is, when my users connect to the smtp server using Outlook, etc. they get a security message that says "The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that could not be verified. A certificate chain processed, but terminate in a root certificate which is not trusted by the root provider. Do you want to continue using this server?"

My server doesn't have an ssl certificate installed, which i believe is the problem. I want to get rid of that warning, which is annoying to all of us.

Here is my question:

- Can I buy 'Starter SSL' from registerfly.com (my registrar) for $16.99 to solve this problem?

- If I buy an ssl cert, can I use if for the whole server, or is it just specific to xxx.domain.com? The server name is servername.domain.com - would I buy a cert for the whole server name, or could I just buy one for domain.com and have it cover all subdomains?

- Is the WHM installation of SSL cert easy? It looks easy. Would it automatically apply to smtp w/ssl, or is there more configuration needed?

thanks for any advice/tips, Dave