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    give subdomains their own Cpanel

    right now the way i do it is i go into my Cpanel account for example and i create a subdomain ( after that i go into WHM and add a new account with the domain as ..... and it works fine but is there a better or easier way to do it.......

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    I played with this

    I played around with this a while back and if I remember I just added the account in WHM and and it made the subdomain (I could be wrong I might have added it in CPanel first) but regardless it was the only way I could get it to work to have a sub domain with cpanel access.

    Good luck
    Okie Net Web Hosting

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    heres 2 options you can ponder

    one you just need a cpanel account, the second cpanel/whm is needed

    you can use cpanel with this script without giving them cpanel access
    it creates a ftp account,email and a db or varibles of, can also install a forum in users accounts. a very good free script
    and this script my signup will keep alot of the free email users out,thus most of the abuse i found out, has flood control ,ip ban,host ban email banns
    and use this script as your file manager ,load it to your own server

    main thing is screen your presignup users good

    autohost2 is 12.49,their running a special right now. uses whm/cpanel. can use it for paid or free hosting, with their tld or subdomain.


    Automate your web hosting company. WHM (Web Host Manager) & Paypal automatic account creation and billing solution script. Auto-Host 2 greatly improves on our original Auto-Host (aka PixieWHM), with many new features and much improved functionality.

    Automate account creation
    Terminate expired accounts automatically (optional)
    Paypal based subscription billing
    Create unlimited hosting packages
    Offer multiple billing terms (monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually & 2 year plans) for each of your hosting packages
    Customize email templates (such as subscriber signup, subscriber cancel, subscriber end of term etc)
    Create a unique email message for each of your hosting packages
    Toggle "free hosting" on or off, to offer free web hosting
    Toggle "subdomain signups" on or off if you wish to sign up users under your domain name
    Earnings report, track total income generated & package specific revenues
    Account & user details client list
    Client mailing list, massmail existing clients quickly and easily
    Highly customizable, Dreamweaver compatible

    PHP 4+
    MySQL database
    Linux server
    Paypal account
    No "base_dir" server restriction, please visit this thread to test your server compatibility

    i use it at one of my sites, but i modded it alittle. plus i create the free accounts after they do the presignup. i advise the same to anyone ho plans on hosting

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    WOW great reply freezone Thanks alot...

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