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    Quick Job - Help on Migrating Helm will pay $20 via Paypal


    We needed some help in migrating a Helm Account. All files are already moved. Config Files, Database, Helm Database already copied.

    Helm can now see the domains but not in IIS.

    We use this as guide: posted by phg.

    but on my last step, using Helm Repair Tool, I got this error:

    Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Request operation requires..

    What do you think?

    Here is what I did again on summary,

    After copying the MSSQL$HELM/DATA, I test the System Database COnenction in Helm Configuration Tool, the system said I need to update the database so I accept.. after thaI logged in to Helm and changed the IPs, server name is already the same as the new server.

    I then run the Repair Tool and I got the error above...

    If you can help me quick on this, I will pay $20 via Paypal.


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    I can help.
    Please contact me by AIM : serpros

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    DediPlace I'm waiting for your response.

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    Your welcome.
    Do you need supports for your servers?
    I have experience with :
    -Web Host Manager (WHM)
    -cPanel (Linux, FreeBSD)
    -HELM control panel
    -Virtual Dedicated servers technology. Virtuozzo.
    Good knowledge in DNS, Apache, exim, MRTG, apf (Fire Wall), perl, PHP,
    MySQL, PostgreSQL, FrontPage, IIS, ASP.NET, Mail Enable, MS FrontPage, ASP Email, ASP smart Email, ASP Smart tree,
    AWStats, Webalizer, Fantastico, OS Commerce, Windows and Unix SSL, etc.

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