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    Possible PayPal fraud on this?

    I wanted your input on this one before I make my decision.

    Everything starts on a day I put up a special for an instant setup server, the server was ordered from someone in UK. They paid thru PayPal and they were Verified, they sent us an eCheck and it cleared like two weeks after that. No problems...

    Now, a month passes, his bill is due again. His suscription payment failed, he told us to wait the money to clear in his PayPal account so he could sent it to us. We waited 4 more days.

    Suscription Payment fails again, he says he will use another account, that account status is "Un-verified" and has 27 Days as a member of PayPal. He said that he was verifying his account with PayPal (waiting for deposits to be made on his bank account to confirm).

    After, we give him some "extension" we allowed his payment from this new un-verified account. [email protected] then I check his status a week later and now it says for [email protected] Member of PayPal for: 3 DAYS ??!!

    Checking the other payment he sent a week ago, the e-mail got changed to [email protected], his account that he used to make the original signup payment ([email protected]) has been member for 2 months, and it's Verified. But something is wrong, the account is "Frozen" by PayPal, his answer to this is that he is working with paypal to resolve the issue that is there because of a complaint from an eBay user...

    The user itself seems to be Banned from other forums, apparently for doing a chargeback on someguy for $28. and

    What would you advice me? - I am pretty smart caching down fraud accounts, and when I inform them that their order won't proceed or money was refunded I get no reply. But this one is different, he fullfilled my requeriments for approval but now the "other" montly fees (after month 1) seem to be fraud, registering more paypal accounts using weird names. He says that its their business partners...

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    That does seem fishy. I would try to let him go as a customer and give whatever refund you need to. But it's hard for me to say in this case without actually being in the situation. He is doing some weird stuff though.

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    PayPal allows any individual to hold a maximum of ONE personal account and ONE premiere/business account. He has 3 already... and doesn't pay on time... get rid of him.
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    one paypal account can have multiple email addresses. In addition, are you positive that these are separate accounts and not just some alterations that payal has done. I would revise your TOS to require a verified paypal address then I would charge this guy a late-fee and see how he handles the situation. I would also give him a time frame to resolve teh situation. If not taken care of in the specified time, I would then suspend his account, then cancel it.
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    Clearly you're being given the runaround. You don't need this type of nonsense. I would strongly encourage you to drop this guy as it is that type of business that you do not want or need. A little tough love never hurt

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    Thanks for the recommendations guys, he has a deadline until Saturday morning to get his account with Verified Status with PayPal, if he doesn't we will disconnect the server.


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