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    [WANTED] Traffic Domains

    Looking for domains that get 35 hits a day or more on average.

    Last time I posted I bought 3. Please PM me the domain name and price you are looking for. Please be reasonable, and I will reply promptly.

    If I like what what I see I will request screen shots and then I will pay via paypal.



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    I am still buying. Please PM me to cash out your domains.

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    I think you should go and try to find. There are thousands of domains with unique visitor stats.

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    Thanks for your reply but I am not going to try to visit every single domain on the web to see if they are at sedo...then have to filter that entire list to try to find domains that have 30 unique visitors a day.

    With direction communication I can ask more questions.

    I would much rather leave a post and have people contact me if they have something to sell...which some have.

    So, if you dont have a domain for sell....I appreciate your feedback but I really dont need it


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