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    harddrive full.. need help

    here's the screen shot of my df -h:

    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/hda6 1012M 741M 220M 78% /
    /dev/hdc1 111G 32G 73G 31% /backup
    /dev/hda1 99M 46M 48M 49% /boot
    /dev/hda5 90G 84G 1.7G 99% /home
    none 996M 0 996M 0% /dev/shm
    /dev/hda7 1012M 72M 889M 8% /tmp
    /dev/hda2 9.9G 2.4G 7.1G 25% /usr
    /dev/hda3 6.9G 4.0G 2.6G 62% /var

    as you may see, /home directory only left 1.7G which can be filled up within 24 hours.

    I have extra space on my 2nd harddrive that is mounted on /backup.

    what do you guys recommend? order a new harddrive asap? migrate it to a better server (since it slow already) and add another harddrive? use the unused 73G on 2nd harddrive (but i don't know how)?

    i'm willing to spend some $$ for anyone who could help me with this... it's really urgent...


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    You can mount the second hard drive (hdc, right?) as /home2 and move some of the users there. Alternatively you can leave it mounted as a /backup and just link home directories there (so these are still in /home hierarchy).

    If you are getting a new server then you might consider provisioning it with a LVM.

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    for now which way do you think is the best?

    how can i link home directories there? so some of the home will be on my first and some of them in /backup?

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    I think the best would be to create /home2.

    Some programs (like certain Apache config options - i.e. FollowSymLinks) would require additional configuration to work with the symlink model.

    You can use
    ln -s /backup/home/user1 /home/user1
    to create symbolic links.

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