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    Refunding payments

    Hello, I had some questions on refunding payments. If i offer a 30 day money back policy and a customer wants their money back, do I issue the refund through the billing manager (I plan on using clientexec) or contact my payment processor. I have searched for hours on this site and other sites for an answer but i cannot find one. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    The payment processor.

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    No, you would use the refund feature in your billing system. If it does not have
    one then log into your (or other gateway system) and either refund
    it using their process or void the transaction if you can.

    Thats actually what your billing software does, but it does it automatically and in
    the background -- and its better to use it because there is less of a chance of human
    error (you wont mistakenly refund the wrong customer that way when doing it by
    hand in your gateway.)
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    Depending on your situation you may need to do it both places. If you use Paypal or 2Checkout then you need to perform the actual refund on their site. You also need to refund in your billing software to keep your records accurate.

    If you have an integrated processor in your billing software you will only need to make the refund in there.

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    Whether you're doing it through a billing program or your payment processor, it still needs to happen with your payment processor one way or another. Check to see if your billing software will properly execute the request on the payment gateway.
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