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    floridakeyshosting - Don't Even Try This!

    Hello, the webmaster of this site is a liar and a big thief i wouldn't trust him to host my sites for sure!Thats a friendly advice stay away from this hosting "company".


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    What is it with Florida and scams... is it the heat?

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    Maybe you'd like to give some more details? I don't quite think it's fair to accuse a host of being a thief without detailing what happened.

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    ok sure i'll provide you more details.The webmaster is also selling some Turnkey basically scripts together with hosting or seperatelly.One of those scripts is mine.I'm not sure where he got it from but it is mine for sure i can even prove it showing the bugs it has.I emailed him to remove it from there and make another script or something.He replied to me telling me that he has full rights of it and even when i did show him the original script (which it doesn't have the design of it) he told me that this is not his problem and to leave him alone..Now i don't think that such a webmaster is a serious guy to have work with.


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    Maybe he thinks you're trying to pull a fast one on him, and the script is in fact not the same. If it IS your script, then it is indeed "his problem," and you should send him a DMCA notice.
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    What is it a DMCA notice?


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    How much is the script worth?

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    Encrypted version around $55 out of $150 i used to have it.

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