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    Installing PHP5 - Any issues ?

    Hey folks,

    A client of mine has been asking for PHP 5. I currently have php 4.3.10 on my servers with the Zend engine.

    My question is, is there any issue with installing PHP 5 on redhat fedora with cpanel ? Will it break any of the current scripts running on php 4.3 ?

    Any other issues i should be aware of before making this decision ?



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    Some of your clients scripts may not be compatible with php5 therefore breaking them. Personally I'd wait till php5 is more compatible with cPanel and before you perform the upgrade notify all your clients to ammend their scripts.

    Cut short; I don't reccomend it
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    Allright, thanks

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    If a script doesn't support php5 after a year of RCs and almost a year of "stable" releases, it's time to cut your losses on the script and just move on, because obviously they don't know what they're doing, or don't care about their customers.

    As far as php5 issues:
    I've used php5 since the day it was released as stable , and have had absolutely no issues whatsoever. I've used it both on DA and CPanel. of course, I don't use the standard CP compile script (much), I've got my own written, but it's not given me any problems at all.

    php5 is very stable. Anyone saying it's not obviously hasn't had a bit of experience with it .
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    My main concern is if my customers who are mostly not too technically adept encounter php4, php5 compatibility related issues with their installed scripts they wont know how to fix it.

    I looked online and apparently with debian its pretty easy to install both php4 and 5 at the same time, however it doesnt work on fedora for now.

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