I'd like to take this moment in fully welcoming you to It is our aim to provide a quality, realiable and affordable service to all pioneers in website design. Whether you see yourself as complete beginner in the website hosting business or a complete professional - We may have something to suit your needs.

As well as website hosting we offer website design too. Upon this site you can check out our clients list to see some of the various designs we have worked on. We can meet and tailor to your needs in HTML/CSS designs. Each one of our designs is unique, original and creative. We do not believe in the "Standard" templates. Each website should really show the emotion behind it's author. Whether it be a website for your personal air model collection or perhaps your Star Trek community organisational website - We can meet your demands and provide you with a fully working website. was established when the owner discovered alot of problems with former hosts of his. He believed that many hosting companies would rather worry about the money they made rather than the welfare of their customers. It is with's belief that we befriend our customers, offering them instant, idiot-proof support for free as apart of their website hosting package. Another belief of ours is that customers should never feel affraid about how much they're paying for their website hosting. We provide a support room for all possible customers which aims to answer all your questions about hosting - Should they not already be answered through out this website. No question is either dumb or stupid and we aim to answer them all.

We give our customers the best possible hosting! All accounts come with the famous Fantasico, this allows you to install forums (such as PHPBB) and many more scripts at the simple click of a button - Where this would usually takes hours of stressful code-tweeking. Fantasico is the simple alternative to installing complex scripts and we offer it as standard to all of our customers!

We may not be the biggest hosting company out there but we value quality rather than quantity. Our customers come first before money. Our policy is to assist and keep our current customers before we even consider getting more!

So you've obviously began your search for a website hosting company to expand into your dreams of creating an online presence. We wish you luck in your search and hope you find the hosting company which suits you!


Stephen James - [email protected]


Below is our website host listing.

Hosting Plans

Plan 1 - Beginner

500 megabyte's of storage.
1 gigabyte of bandwith.
10 mysql database's.
10 sub-domain's.
5 FTP account's.
10 e-mail account's.

Plan 2 - Senior

1000 megabyte's of storage.
3 gigabyte's of bandwith.
30 mysql database's.
30 sub-domain's.
10 FTP account's.
30 e-mail account's.

Plan 3 - Business

2000 megabyte's of storage.
5 gigabyte's of bandwith.
50 mysql database's.
50 sub-domain's.
15 FTP account's.
100 e-mail account's.

All accounts come with PHP/Perl support. As well as CGI support.
All accounts come with easily installable PHP/CGI scripts.
All accounts come with Fantasico.
All accounts come with support via the support center and also over IM methods.
All accounts come with POP3/STMP/IMAP e-mail.
All accounts come with Cpanel.
And much much more!


More account features can be requested by contacting Stephen. Also we can accomodate custom accounts for your specialized needs. We can also accomodate with Resellers accounts, but these must be requested as there is a special arrangement we have set-up for these accounts.


We can register domains for you for a minimum lease of one year. Please contact us for more information.

So visit today and make your order!

If you have any questions you can contact me via the following methods - Contact methods - and your questions will be answered immediatley. Feel free to also drop by our support center and speak to one of our sales representitives.

Good luck, God speed!