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    11 Game Server Customers

    Seperatly of nemesisservers, I was contacted to setup game servers, control panels, ftp, etc. for someone else. The agreement is that I would get 40% of net profits. The person who contacted me decided to bail, so I am selling the customers, so they aren't SOL, out of varying amounts of money. If you are further interested in the circumstances, feel free to contact me.

    Onto the important part:
    There are 2 west customers, and 9 east customers. They are spread out between CSS, and CS 1.6.
    12 slot 1,6 Pub.
    30 slot CS Pub.

    16 slot CS Pub.
    12 slot CS1.6 Pub.
    CS 16 slot Pub.
    14 slot Ventrilo (resold from
    16 slot CS1.6 Pub..
    18 slot CS Pub.
    22 slot CS Pub.
    20 slot CS Pub.

    Monthly Totals: $250.9
    3-month Totals: $186.6
    Projected Annual: $3757.2

    All payments are thru phpCoin & Paypal

    We are asking 5 months gross, or $1565 USD, payed thru paypal.
    A slightly more detailed report is available to interested buyers, in an xls spreadsheet format. We would like to sellout with the week.

    Note: I was not the one who decided to end this. All game servers will be moved onto the purchasing company's phyical servers.

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    I sent you a PM, can you please call me or leave me a number to contact you at.

    Thank you


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    Can you list the price of each of those clients?
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    Can you please PM me additional detail on this opportunity.

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    That's the xls spreadsheet.

    Price changed to $500, because I would just like to have him refund the customers, and disappear. This is a nightmare, because he spent all the money, and cannot refund them.

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    we will sell east & west clients seperately. No further breakdown than that.

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    Your website seems to be down at the moment..

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    500 for customers? is there any way to get the server that the customers are on included

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    2 months gross is very little. Like I said, I'd just like to refund the customers as the person who started this bailed. I have no official connections besides managing the two servers.

    We'd like a buyer within 24 hours. Payment is negotiable.

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    I don't think you should be giving out admin usernames / passwords to the servers.... that excel document has the pass/username for the ventrillo server in it ;-)

    Also, just wondering... are those figures before, or after expenses? if before, what are your expenses?

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    Can i buy the ventrillo seperatly, if so pm me
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