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    Looking for Programmer(s)/Designer(s) for Odds and Ends on my website

    Here's a small list of things that need to be done on my website, please PM me if interested in any of the jobs. I will do jobs in pieces if you are interested in one particular project. Will also be willing to trade my services (hosting, seo, etc) for work if requested.

    -need to have a news syndication type of script added to website. Must be written in ASP. Basically I want to upload a text file to my website and have a page that takes that text file and formats it and displays it on my website. I also want to have some of the text of the news article displayed on the main page of my website, there's already a place for it. PM me and I can be more specific.

    -want to have live support integrated into my website. Would prefer ASP, but will accept a PHP solution.

    -I need to have an order script created for my website. Basically I want it to look similar to a shopping cart, but with several differences, I would buy a shopping cart to use, but I can't find one that has the features I want, so I'll just have someone create a custom script. Must be written in ASP. More details available through PM.

    -need a knowledgebase script added to my website to that I can easily create a knowledgebase with. Must be skinned to look like my website and be easy to add and delete information.

    -need a skin for MailEnable webmail that will look like my website.

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    Just so you know, you'll pay big style for the ASP Upload - basically because there's no vanlla upload written in ASP - you need an external component and they're not cheap.
    *bump* There goes another host.

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    Upload is no problem, I'll use FTP for that, I just need the script that will look for that specific text file and format it.

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