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    Typo's + Half Life domain for sale

    I'm in need of some quick cash so I've decided to sell a few of my domains, they're all typo's plus one relating to the game 'Half Life'.
    They're all parked at Sedo at the moment and not really earning me anything so I just want to get rid of them. I've put then all up on ebay but if they aren't sold when the auction ends then feel free to PM me your offer or post SOLD here to claim it.
    All the domains are registered at until the following dates. - 4/20/06 - 'upskirt' typo got 5 since being parked on 05/16/05 (has been on ebay so it got a little advertising) - 4/20/06 - 'bondage' typo - 4/20/06 - 'bondage' typo - 4/21/06 - 'pontiac' typo - 2/5/07 - 'lycos' typo registered at - 12/30/05 - Half Life 3 domain that averages a couple of hits every day, type-ins. Would be great if you are planning on starting a fansite for the next Half Life game.

    Link to Ebay auctions.

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    Do you have any traffic stats ? Disrupting traditional file hosting.
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    Yes I do, I'll upload some screens as proof of them when I have a bit of time later. But they are only getting a couple of hits every day it's nothing big, hence the cheap sale.

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