Hello fellow WHT-ers and visitors.

It's been a while since yours truly has posted in the advertising forums due to the development of a program that would benefit the entire online business community.

Since WebhostingTalk is a community that helped me grow, I want to give something back, thus I'm offering the pilot program to all members of WHT.

What is all about? This program will develop your skills in business management, aimed at specific topics of interest. Some of these topics are described below:

Advertising and Promotion, Benefits and Compensation, Capacity Building (Nonprofit), Career Development, Chief Executive Role, Communications (Face-to-Face), Communications (Writing), Computers, Internet and Web, Controlling / Coordinating Activities, Creativity and Innovation, Crisis Management, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Service, E-Commerce, Employee Performance Management, Employee Wellness Programs, Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, Financial Management (For-Profit), Financial Management (Nonprofit), Fundraising (Financing by For-Profits), Fundraising (by Nonprofits), General Resources (on-line), Group Performance Management, Group Skills, Guiding Skills, Human Resource Management, Insurance (Business), Interpersonal Skills, Management Development Planning, Marketing, Operations Management, Organizational Alliances (Mergers, etc.), Organizational Change, Organizational Communications, Organizational Performance Management, Performance Mgmnt (basic concepts), Policies (Personnel), Product and Service Management, Program Management, Public and Media Relations, Quality Management, Research Methods (Basic Business), Risk Management and many many more.

I would like to conduct several online workgroups based at this point solely on the following topics, targeted specificaly to the online market:

Advertising and Promotion, Computers, Internet and Web, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Service, E-Commerce, Management Development Planning, Marketing and Sales.

Please note that participation is voluntary and completly FREE.

A workgroup will be complete and start training after 5 (five) members agree to participate. You won't have to sign any papers, join a forum or the likes. This will be only an online workgroup, conducted at specific times, mutually agreed.

All of the above business management specialization programs were created by Carter McNamara from Authenticity Consulting, LLC, world leader in providing solutions in organization, business and professional development and are also available free at http://www.managementhelp.org.

As I already implemented these programs at organizational level I wish to conduct the online workshops to test their fesability.

As closure, I thank you for the long read. Interested participants please post in the thread or contact me by pm.

Once again, thank you for baring with me