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    I need some coding done for money...

    Hello. What I need is a good script I can intigrate into my site. The script is going to be used as a hosting quote form. When a person wants to buy a dedicated server from me they will come to a page, and use drop down menus to costomize their own server, while at the bottom there is a form that updates the total price as they costomize the server they want fromt he drop down menus. For example, they can click on one drop down menu to click which proccessor they want, then another for how big of a hard drive, etc...

    Then once they have built their server, I need them to go to a form where they enter all their info (Name, Lastname, Address, and so on) and once they enter that, they go to the cheakout where they must pay by credit card or paypal, and that form of info will be sent to my e-mail. I am hoping this all can be done under $30. All I ask you to do is take a script this is like what I am asking and do some small modifing to fit my needs.

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    I can do this within the day. Please contact me via my signature.


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    I'll be glad to do this for you if you like. My contact information is in my signature.
    Paul Embry
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    I can make it for you, using the language you prefer (also .net)

    Please contact me via pm



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