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    3D Ebook Graphic Needed

    i basically need someone to design a 3D ebook graphic for me. Please post your contact information and links to any such graphics that you have designed.

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    I've messaged you over PM, I hope that's alright.

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    Just to clarify, I am looking for a virtual ebook cover

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    Dear sir,madam

    Good day to you.I would be very pleased to be considered for your project. I am
    runnning : a site featuring my graphic design works and
    photography.I've been a pro graphic designer for more than 4 years now.

    If you provide me some of your ready -text and /graphics/reference sites or your
    specs, i can provide you a mockup in less than 24 hours. I hope you will reply
    with more details for me to quote.

    Most of the urls below are design works, but i am almost completing this site
    which involves xml - flash programming ( the graphic design is by the clients)
    .On the right,
    the data will load, you can scroll the list of sites too.

    I invite you to visit my site,and carefully go through my design works.I'm
    and i hope that you will like my style.Or, you can view these works

    -Featured site designed in terms of banners,headers,layout graphics and
    -the first mockup ( it's probably not up yet but the layout is
    here:- - it's been a year , they have their own people
    mantaining the site , but below are the mockups used for this site.

    you can also go to the multimedia section of this site to view the flash
    slideshow player.

    Flash -XML image slideshow


    flash Headers-

    flash movies/navigations - click on "events" and "contact us" and you
    will see flash movies load, iamges borrowed from getty

    Logos -
    flash headers , graphic Layout Templates, logos ( just the header)

    Layout Templates,headers,logos and graphics

    SERIOUS BRANDING --Layout Templates,headers,logo(3d) and graphics

    3d graphics and some print stuffs

    Flash,3d,graphics,XML -

    Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    I am available to start immediately on your project and would be grateful
    for your reply.

    With kind regards


    AIM: tumeveux1
    ICQ: tumeveux
    YahooIM: nazcoeur4 @
    MSN: coeurdart @
    designer's site:
    email:nazrin @

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