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    How can I automatically build wsdl files with SOAP?

    Hello everyone,
    Well I have successfully created web services (I am not using any tools) writing in Java.
    I have written the application for Apache-SOAP AND for Apache-AXIS.
    - With AXIS, there is no problem since the Tomcat main page. The Tomcat Manager allows us to see the wsdl files generated by AXIS.
    - With SOAP, I cannot do it !

    Unfortunately, the customer does not use AXIS and needs the WSDL files to create the client side.
    Now, is there a way I could convert the Java codes to WSDL? I remind you that I don't have any tool installed on my machine. .

    Thank you very much for your time.

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    You can use the GLUEjava2wsdl tool to generate your wsdl files.
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    Thanks for your quick answer.....Is it a tool I have to download? Do I need something special?

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    I am currently downloading the GLUE version5.0.2 (tar file)
    Is it the only thing I have to do?

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    For some reason, I cannot download the GLUE-5.0.2.tar.tar. I get a checksum error when I try to apply the tar command!!

    If you are using GLUE, may be you can send me the tar file?


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