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Thread: Windows XP x64

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    Windows XP x64

    Here's a silly question for the technical minded. Will the 64 bit version run on 32 bit system. I would assume if it does it will run as slow as or slower than a 32bit system however as my mate Sir Bill makes everything backwardly compatible I was thinking it may actually work and some software may take advantage of it regardless of the hardware.

    Your thoughts.

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    It will not install on a 32bit system, although I wouldn't be surprised if there is a /switch or reg hack that will get it to install. But even if you could get it to install I very much doubt there is any software that "can take avantage of it" when it is not running on a 64bit system.
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    Go AMD! I was also told it wouldn't run on a 32 bit system even if you did get it installed. For this very reason I am switching to AMD .

    Good luck!
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    x64 is just like what it sounds, it's a 64 bit version of windows xp, it'll never run on a 32 bit computer unless you completely mimic the code for the 32 bit version of windows xp. Longhorn will be backwards compatible, but windows xp x64 is not since there are two different versions of windows xp, x64 and regular windows xp. I can't even begin to think why you'd want to run x64 on a 32bit computer when there is a 32bit version.

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