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    Regretfully announcing my site as I have not had time to develop this site lately, as I have put energy on my commercial site instead, and feel guilty as it has been sleeping a while. The idea still has a lot of potential, but needs efforts to rise again.

    The site has been PR4 and already earned $85. It rates free hosts in detail. The income is from google ads, and from hosts who'd like to participate. The domain itself has overture rating 198 w/o ext. Several hosting in queue to be reviewed.

    It currently shares a forum with the domain reg. company finexe, where people in need for free hosting can interact, and where free host news are presented also giving opportunity to buy cheap domains with free hosting. The forum can be cloned to exist on its own within the site. It also has database and script that still needs developing for insertion of new hosts. It also comes with free finexe link manager. 6 months free hosting included.

    Sold for cheap $198, with the promise that links to finexe still remains.


    and here is some stats. Site is almost one year old. It was moved to finexe hosting in middle of march. the stat is from march and on...

    I have set the price low. I hope it gets bids from people who share the interest of running such a site. I have seen other announce similar sites for low xxxx.

    and here is the ebay auction:

    I may help you develop it further if ordered as a paid job.

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    sorry.. the auction link was bad.. this is the one:

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    A related sale of business: URGENT:

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    ok, the last item (domain reseller account) was sold, however this item (free hosting site) ended with a selling bid, but was not followed through due to a missunderstanding. It is now open for bids again:

    If you feel uncomfortable bidding on ebay, you can bid here.

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