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    * Selling 2 templates, definitly worth a look.

    Hi, i am a gamer. But im without a credit card so i had to find something else to payc my MMORPG so thats why i choose template designing. (the payments are like prepaid card (you buy for a certain amount of time. 3months-6months-12months) so your not stuck with payments, for more information click here

    The plan i would like to trade for these two template is plan#1 which can be seen on the website.

    The following templates are .psd and not coded (im a slopy coder but i can slice if needed). Their unique and not redistributed, and maybe more importantly you get full rights to these templates.

    Template 1 - xbox/halo site
    Template 2 - hosting/misc site

    If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask me on MSN or in PM.


    Msn:[email protected]
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    Nice templates. Good luck with the sale.

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