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    TLD's... specific.. .be/.nl


    Ok I currently have a directI account for my .com/net/org registration which is working great. I like directI. Service is excellent and setting it up was even easier.

    I currently use whoiscart for my domain registrations and hosting plans.
    Since I'm planning to focus a lot more on my local market rather than on the international market, I must be able to provide .be and .nl registration for my costumers. (.be and nl as a minimum... preferably all european countries)

    directI doesn't seem to offer it... so I'm going to ask around here what/who is offering this service and which one will be easy to integrate into a billing client?... (I still have to see which one is best...)

    saddly not a lot of billing clients seems to support directI which I find a shame ...
    I've seen the new improved Drams+ offers it...

    So I guess my question is who does offer .be/nl/de domain registration for resellers and in which billing client system it will be the easiest to implement.. (also preferably not higher than 15-20 $/ per domain)

    thanks a lot...

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    I think opensrs offers them
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  4. #4 has a lot of cctlds. I can also advise | Now Live ! | Coming Soon !

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    thanks for the links...

    some have nearly all domains listed....

    but not all seem to provide reselling...

    and the ones that do... does anyone have experience with them?? --> linking it with a module for any billingclient ???

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    if they offer API access you can code/link them to any billing you wish.
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    Why don't you sign up direct with the registries?

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