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    Reseller to Dedicated

    Hi, We used to have reseller shared hosting but now we bought a dedicated server from LT. However my question is , is it possible to transfer hostign accounts from our reseller hosting to our new dedicated server ? They both have whm/cpanel installed.


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    Yes, you can use the full "Backup" feature.
    Go to Generate / Download a full site backup and then you can put your new FTP details there and it will automatically move the whole site to your new server

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    Yes yes, but I want a full backup that includes my sql databases, email accoutns everything

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    Yes, the "Full Backup" includes the sql databases as well i think...

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    Originally posted by shreder
    Yes, the "Full Backup" includes the sql databases as well i think...
    It does

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    Ask your reseller if they can do them all for you. Sometimes they will if there aren't too many accounts.
    You can also try WHM on the new server. Simply login to WHM and scroll the left side down to Transfers and choose "Copy an account from another server with account password". You'll have to do them one at a time this way, though. But I've found cPanel backup to be medicre at best.

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