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    Dedicated Load Balancing Servers

    How can I make a mirror sites of my running sites so that when my server is down, the other sites (must be from other server or ip) is able to respond..

    What else can I do so that my sites never stops responding?

    Looking forward to hear some good replies


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    i am confused about what exactly you want?
    you already have a miror site which is loadbalanced and want to modify the loadbalancer?
    or are you just looking for a failover??

    loadbalancing always blances the load between all available servers.

    failover switchs the mainserver-url to the mirrorserver-IP only if main server is down, and while mainserver is up all traffic of the mainserver-url goes to mainserver-IP. (for this no loadbalancer is needed)
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    I want mirror site

    thanks for the reply.

    Well I want to know both the ways and their pros and cons.

    Can you please help me in knowing how load balancing as well as failover (for mirroring) works.

    I know the basic idea of load balancing but I do not know how do I set it up?? how many server will I require, how will I manage them, wat cost does it have?? Will my sites run on different IPs?? etc. etc

    Thank you again for the help me out.

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