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    Very satisfied customer of ResellerZoom

    I very seldom post this kind of comments, but this time I felt bad for resellezoom team & company.

    (There is another new thread with just opposite title)

    If one only looks the titles in a hurry it will be quite effective and hurting for business. Meaning making unclear and unsolved cases public. Here are threads filled with those plus rumours and many 'besserwissers'. Most of the forum members can behave, be collective and helpful, especially the senior members. Good community, good and helpful time visiting here!
    I have some bad experiences of few hosts in history, but this time I can honestly say:

    I am very satisfied resellerzoom customer. When mentioning one lets be balanced: I am also a very satisfied customer of eurovps.

    All good for You all

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    glad to know you are a statisfied costumer!

    ResellerZoom seems to be doing well lately!

    also good to know you are satisfied about eurovps
    I'm strongly tempted to test them out for my european costumers.

    how long have you been with eurovps ????

    their site does miss some info like:
    rvskin? billing client ? private nameservers ?

    I already know they support rvskin..

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    Customership: I myself only for one month (the correct formule should have been 'this far satisfied ' not statement) - my acquaintance (also in Finland) has been several, think 6-7 months (accidentally in same server as I).

    Billing client: Don't know if they have - suppose not. I use whoiscart.

    Nameservers: only form (same ip's for all resellers in same server)
    In reseller accounts dedicated ip's not possible (only for vps acc)

    I am not specialist to give answers for them. For me its enough that the servers are running stabile and fast, Leaseweb (major datacenter in Amsterdam) operates fine and TeliaSonera (from Neth. to Finland) connection is fast. And ofcourse if needed support is fast enough.
    If You have questions, mail direct to stuff - fast and friendly responses.

    Must add one thing that matters for me: I like the guys leading company keep it transparent, meaning act with whole names. One episode more: Friend I mentioned above has made ticket - his email acc (server in other hosting comp) was down, so those guys spontanly called to him - I think that kind of thing not happens often. From Greece (company located in Athens) to Finland. Not bad.
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    thanks for the extra info...

    yes it's because the datacenter is located in amsterdam that I'm so tempted to test them out.

    I'm from belgium and I get amazing results when pinging and doing a trace to their server.

    If you don't mind I'd like to trace and ping your site on eurovps since you are a costumer

    you can pm me the info if you'd prefer to keep it more private.
    if you don't want to, that's just fine...

    thanks a lot

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