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    Searching for smaller sites


    I'm looking to purchase several small-medium websites.

    At minimum, I would like:
    - 20 uniques per day
    - Established design and scripting installed

    Inquire via PM.

    Please include with your PM:
    - Domain of site
    - Proof of traffic statistics
    - Amount made in advertising revenue last month, or per day if dealing with adsense. (If applicable)
    - Amount that you are looking for- or I can make you an offer.

    Cody Watson
    Business Student @ SFU [Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Management & Technology, Co-op Certificate, Honours]

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    I have

    With a little marketing, it would grow fast. i had a webmaster that wantted to make that site, so I made it for him, he marketed it for about 1 week and the dissappeard off the face of the earth. With a little marketing and maybe adwords you could be in good shape.

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