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    Question Noob with bandwidth question..

    Hi all,

    Can someone explain how to figure out what bandwidth one can offer when creating reseller packages?

    Example..I start out small with 2gb of storage and 30gb of bw. What type of packages wud I be able to offer and how many users cud I support. How do I keep track of the BW? What happens when my users exceed my 30GB of BW? Do all sites get shut down? LOL like I said im a NooB..



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    You could sell packages of 1 / 15.. or 512 / 7.5 GB... It all depends on the types of packages you want to sell and the market you're in.

    Hopefully if it's a cPanel host there a little option that says "View Bandwidth Useage" and that will let you see how much transfer someone has used.

    If they exceed your 30 GB I assume you will be paying overages to your host.

    Hope this helps.
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    Are you billed for bandwidth usage or allotment? I mean, if you have 10 accounts with a 5 GB quota, is that 50 GB? Or since those 10 accounts are only using 12 GB, do you still have 18 GB left?

    I don't want to start an argument about overselling resources, but most users will not use their entire quota, so you could (in theory) sell more bandwidth than you are allowed and be alright if you are charged for USAGE. To me, that is a risk of hosting... but business is risk.

    In the end, like RefreshNet said, it comes down to the market you wish to cater to. In H-Sphere (and I believe in cPanel), you can see how much bandwidth has been used by each individual client and how much bandwidth your reseller account as a whole has consumed. What happens when you go over depends on how the host has their system configured. We give resellers the opportunity to add to their quota if they are going to run short. The resellers get notices when they are approaching their limits and if they don't add the transfer manually, then the system automatically adds for them up to 20% over before shutting them down.
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