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    Arrow MJZHOSTING.NET -> Hosting as low as $16/year! Limited availability, don't delay!


    This amazing deal features Linux based, cPanel flavored web hosting at jaw dropping prices. If you don't see a plan that suits your specific storage/bandwidth needs, simply contact [email protected] for a custom quote.


    MJZ Web Hosting is currently rated amongst the top 10 Virtual Web Hosting companies on!

    "You don't necessarily get what you pay get MORE! I would have to say that you will definitely get more bang for your buck with MJZ hosting. Excellent and prompt service and attention (with a virtual smile). The servers are speedy and reliable - exactly what I need to run an on-demand business."

    "He's easy to talk to, always up to make changes to adapt to the demand. Nothing bad to say about it. Great experience. I know who I'll tell my friends to look for."

    "MJZ Hosting gives great service. He is my first host & he is best. I will surely have a long term relationship with him. I just can't think of any other host & the price at which he offers - NO ONE CAN BEAT HIM. I am with him since Oct 2004. So, far no probs. The Guy has helped me out in every matter.

    Just few days back, I upgraded my a/c. He was going to transfer me to a new server. Just made the payment & my a/c was transferred within minutes. Now, thats what I called service. Am a newbie but, never felt like one as I always could count on him.

    11/10 from me to MJZ.

    An last but not the least, he is very reliable."

    More testimonials can be viewed by clicking HERE!


    » 500MB Storage / 5GB Bandwidth (per month)
    » $16.00 Annually

    » 1000MB Storage / 10GB Bandwidth (per month)
    » $16.00 Semi-Annually
    » $30.00 Annually

    » 1500MB Storage / 15GB Bandwidth (per month)
    » $11.00 Quarterly
    » $22.00 Semi-Annually
    » $40.00 Annually

    » 2500MB Storage / 25GB Bandwidth (per month)
    » $5.50 Monthly
    » $15.00 Quarterly
    » $30.00 Semi-Annually
    » $55.00 Annually
    » Save $11.00 buying annually (2 months free)!

    » 5000MB Storage / 50GB Bandwidth (per month)
    » $9.00 Monthly
    » $26.00 Quarterly
    » $50.00 Semi-Annually
    » $90.00 Annually
    » Save $18.00 buying annually (2 months free)!

    » 10000MB Storage / 100GB Bandwidth (per month)
    » $16.00 Monthly
    » $44.00 Quarterly
    » $79.00 Semi-Annually
    » $160.00 Annually
    » Save $32.00 buying annually (2 months free)!


    - Daily rsync backups (new)!
    - Live Support via IRC
    - cPanel
    - Web Host Manager (Resellers Only)
    - Apache Web Server
    - Web-based E-Mail
    - E-Mail SMTP/POP3 or IMAP Server (
    - E-mail Forwarding
    - E-mail Aliasing
    - E-mail Autoresponders
    - E-Mail Blockers
    - Spam Assassin
    - MX Record Changes
    - Unlimited E-mail Accounts
    - Unlimited MySQL Databases
    - Unlimited FTP Accounts
    - Unlimited Subdomains
    - Unlimited Domain Addons
    - Unlimited Domain Pointers
    - Cronjobs
    - PHP 4.3.x
    - phpMyAdmin
    - CGI
    - Perl 5.x
    - Microsoft® FrontPage Extensions
    - Detailed Web statistics (Webalizer, FTP Statistics, Analog, AwStats)
    - Customizable 404 Error Pages
    - Password Protected Directories
    - Raw Log Files
    - FANTASTICO (Click Here To View Included Scripts)

    And yes, adult content is allowed


    MJZ Web Hosting is now serving roughly 400 happy clients! Feel free to test server speeds and whatnot with the handful of client examples listed below.


    MJZ Web Hosting makes use of cPanel, the industry leading control panel. Haven't tried cPanel yet? Feel free to log into our demo account and witness the power and control that cPanel holds over website administration. You'll soon understand why this user friendly admin tool is at the top of it's class!
    username = demo
    password = demo


    Account setup is completely FREE There are no hidden charges, the price you see will be the final price you'll pay!


    E-mail: [email protected]
    IRC: #mjzhosting on
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    how many domains can you host on one account?

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    You may host an unlimited amount of addon/parked domains.

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