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    Looking for a Professional Writer

    I am looking for a professional writer who can write or personalize a Terms of Service for my site, (which would include a small section for Acceptable Usage Policy as well).

    I expect it in decent length with paragraphs, and not just a copy-and-paste work. This shouldn't take long and I hope to have it as soon as possible.

    I will provide two examples that you may refer to, and is willing to pay $20 via Paypal for this.

    Again, I am not looking for a copy-and-paste work. So if you can't deconstruct the examples and reconstruct them in such a way that it won't be immediately recognizeable, you are not someone that I am looking for.

    If you are interested, please pm or email me. Some materials that show your writing skills would be a plus (articles, past-work etc).

    Cheers and have a nice day.

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    Heya Cael,

    I'm not quite high enough in post count yet to send you a pm or email via the forum links, but I'm definately interested in helping out with this project.

    Here's a link to my resume elsewhere on the forum (ack, still too low post count to link too! but just search for [For Hire] Web Content Writer) and my email is selenia at if you'd like to shoot me your email address so I can send you some writing samples.

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    The position has been filled by me.

    Edit: And Selenia, you will be able to PM and link after your 5th post, if not your sixth....I forgot.

    Oops: I spelled your name wrong

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