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    UPS Assistance please

    I am looking for a bit of assistance in an area not often covered. We have the current need in a few locations for a racked power supply. I have little experience in this area and I am not sure where to really begin looking to purchase the product. We seem to be at a crossroads between cost and the correct product for our needs. Some features would include..

    - 1u rackmount
    - 8 outlets
    - Remote management (restart power on any given outlet)
    - 20 amp or greater
    - Reliable Product
    - Cost efficient

    The APC we have used in one location didnt quite cover the increased power demands of our newer servers and left us in the dark during peak time. The second APC did the same in another location. We have switched to a simple power strip in the meantime but now have the need to get our act together moving to a new rack.

    If anyone has any advice or good experiences with a product like this I would appreciate your input. If possible please let me know the product name and model number so I can check it out.

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    Have you looked at some of the Zero-U configurations? APC offers models, as do others, that mount vertical.

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    are you looking for a managed PDU, or a UPS system? As they're quite different.

    If the latter, I doubt you'll find a 2KVA+ system with 8 outlets in 1u of space. If its a managed PDU, check ebay for an AP9217 (APCC), they're rated at 20A, unlike the AP9211 and other models very specifically rated as 15A max.

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    Sorry I miswrote the subject line. Had just been looking at a UPS and it stuck in my pea brain a bit too long.

    JTY - We had looked into a vertical zero U at one point but our provider had mentioned it would not work in our rack.

    Porcupine - The AP9217 looks to fit our needs exactly. Thanks for the info. Will start looking for a couple right away.

    Thanks guys.

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