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    Protection against DDoS Attack

    Well, I would like to know how to stop the DDoS attack... - c2 or fudedor3
    Someone told me that it works sending packets higher than 1MB or 2MB at the same time freezing the connection. Could Someone tell me any firewall to stop them? (Windows 2003 Web)
    Thank You!

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    hai tmpb,

    A website DDoS is executed by flooding one or more of the site's web servers with so many requests that it becomes unavailable for normal use. If an innocent user makes normal page requests during a DDoS attack, the requests may fail completely, or the pages may download so slowly as to make the website unusable. DDoS attacks typically take advantage of several computers which simultaneously launch hundreds of thousands of requests at the target website. In order not to be traced, the perpetrators will break into unsecured computers on the internet, hide rogue DDoS programs on them, and then use them as unwitting accomplices to anonymously launch the attack.

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    if your incurring large amounts of ddos it maybe better to contact your uplink and see how they can handle it, because of the fact that your line can still become saturated and still lose connectivity no matter how well you filter it
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