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Thread: Cpanel Users..

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    Cpanel Users..

    Hey if you have a domain that has cpanel.. do this:

    What do you think? These files where being hit on my server when checking my logs...

    Should these be left open like this? I mean they are not even seen in FTP and such..?

    Would killing the sucker be the trick? Or is it nothing to worry about..

    cd /usr/local/cpanel
    rm -rf java-*
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    Don't delete them, if you feel that they are insecure (I saw that the java based ssh client from cpanel was in there), then simple remove the line from httpd.conf that places that folder available via HTTP.

    The reason you cannot see them is because they are stored OUTSIDE your home directory.
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    Yes, but this is on every cpanel server, and on every clients domains. Little .. odd and to see that people are accessing them in my logs is even odder!
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    Maybe they are just leching off your bandwidth instead of theirs.. Prehaps change the prmission to reflect that only the account owner can use them.
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    just `touch /usr/local/cpanel/java-sys/index.html` and you're done

    if you delete them many stuff might be broken under cPanel!
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