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    Lightbulb 2257 and Hosts that allow adult content

    This is something that I've been trying to find an answer to.

    I know many WHT users don't allow adult content, but for the hosts that allow adult content on thier servers, will the new changes of the 2257 bill have any effect on your business?

    I havent found any topics on this board that discuss this in particular, although I would think that the revised 2257 could drastically change the hosting industry. Right? Would web hosts now be held liable for adult content, should one of thier clients chooses to not abide by the laws, or no? Or does the new law have no effect whastoever to datacenters/hosts? Obviously, 2257 is aimed at actual adultsite owners, but what about the hosts?

    The 2257 is a rather twisted and complex law, in which I have had loads of trouble understanding. I'm wanting to possibly allow my users to host adult content, and I'll prolly end up searching out a lawyer for additional advice, however in the mean time I was inquiring as to what they know/and or think about the current 2257 situation. I'm sure that any input would be an asset to many WHT members.


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    J. D. Obenberger is one of the better versed attorneys on 2257 and other issues related to hosting adult websites and just the adult internet in general.

    There are actually some good thngs that came about with the new changes but of course there is a lot more paperwork etc. The changes were highly anticipated as well in the adult internet world.

    Your best bet would locate an attorney who specializes in this and sit down with him. Most will offer a free consultation or give you a hour consultation 50% off their normal hourly rates.

    There are adult forums and a lot cater to this type of information.

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