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    WANTED - Someone to complete my site, Order, Billing...

    Hi there

    I decided a while ago to setup a small hosting site, mainly for friends and 'associates' to use for cheap and reliable hosting.

    Basically Ive completed the site design to about 85% - cosmetically things are complete, and Ive a domain and had a server for a while now.

    Since then Ive not had enough time to complete the site, due to personal (not internet related) reasons, and also a few other internet projects Im currently in the middle of completing.

    What I need is someone who can come in for 1 - 2 weeks and complete the interactive parts, example - the order form, contact page and support section (implimenting a trouble ticket system)

    I understand this will require 3rd party software/script and will need to be paid for, and thats fine and Im expecting those costs.

    - This isnt a particularly big project and the only rush is to lessen my overall workload, this would probably be best suited for someone who already runs a hosting company and has had the experience.

    If it makes any difference the server is Win2003 and the user control panel will be Plesk.

    I can pay in USD ($'s) or in hosting or a combination of the 2 - post here or PM me with how much/what you want. Basically the person who will get this will be the person who has done something like this before and who doesnt want my life savings
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    I can start ASAP on this project. Please contact me via
    AIM: strdrftr

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    I am really interested in something like this, I have alot of spare time at the moment and an do this quickly, I have recently installed modernbill and kayako for my site, clientexec also. Contact me using my sig thanks!

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    I currently have already done this at my hosting website @ It is still in work since I dont have the time to do things for my self any more lol. But yes I have done this before many times and can do it for you in less than a week. I will also have my friend tag along, who will help in the proccess to. He is a certified programer in almost all coding langauges.

    msn me @ [email protected]

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    I'm interested. Please contact me on AIM:divitalk.
    I've used modernbill, clientexec, and some helpdesk software/
    Also I have my own programmer who can help me to work on it if you want to.


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    If you have found a coder, pls say here so I can move on :p

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