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    Smile What do I need? What can I expect to pay?

    Hello there! Newbie here. Sorry for barging in and asking questions... but it seemed like that this would be the perfect place to seek information.

    Okay, here's the deal. I've given up on "free hosting". It isn’t worth the trouble. So moving on....

    This is what I'm wanting to do. I want to register a domain and have a little bit of web space so I can put up a message board for members of a small World of Warcraft guild. Since we're so small, I don't think a lot of bandwidth is required. I'm not sure how much space a message board would need though. Anyway, that is pretty much it.

    What kind of host do I need? How much would this cost me? Domains are around 10 bones per year, right? Perhaps some places give a little bit of web space with the purchase of a domain?

    Anyway, any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!!

    -- Kyle

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    Domains can be had for even less - and the majority of hosts will offer you a free domain to signup with them.

    All hosts have different features and pricing - contact any that you're considering and ask them a few questions about what you're interested in setting up.
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    Hi Kyle,

    I would just start with a basic plan and make sure that the host you choose will let you upgrade your plan for free as your site grows. Take a look at the shared and reseller offers here and I am sure you will find a good solution that meets your needs.

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    Around $7-$8 a year for a domain is not atypical.

    Depends on how few people you have visiting your site. It sounds like you'd be able to get away with less than 1 GB storage and 40 GB bandwidth.

    I cannot specifically recommend a web hosting company. I can tell you that I have personally used Site5 and Lunarpages and they both have good reputations but there are many other good hosting companies that contribute to the forums and that other people use and like.
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    Don't forget one thing: "ridiculous hosting" is not much different to "free hosting". Just watch out for the "too good to be true" and you'd be going in the right direction.

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    Kyle, how much disk space do you want to have? Please narrow your search.
    I think most basic plans (some 400 megs of space, 10 Gigs data transfer) suits you. At Totalchoicehosting I pay 44$ per year and what I get is a quality hosting.
    GoDaddy offers *.com domain for 8.95$.
    Some hosts may offer you a free name as long as you stay with them, but I advice to learn if this name will belong yo you or to the hosting company.
    In other words, if you can afford some 50 $ annualy, you will get a domain and professional hosting. You should check WHT for other quality sites and decide what do you need.

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    Best of luck with your search! For your needs, you shouldn't have to pay too much.
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    You can register a domain for as low as $8.88 through

    Look in the shared and reseller hosting offers, you will find many decent reliable providers. Good luck to you in your search, I hope you find what you're looking for.

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    Thanks for the info, everyone! I appreciate it.

    So, from the looks of things... for about $50/year I should be able to get a domain and reliable hosting (basic plan). I should look for at least 400mbs of space and at least 10gbs transfer.

    I'll go poke around now to see which hosting companies have a good reputation and offer such plans.

    Thanks again!

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    I agree with DevilDog that Site5 and Lunarpages are reputable companies... plus there are others I could recommend also, from personal experience.
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    I hope there not bones, or i'd have no bones left in my body

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    ev1 also offers domains for around 7 bucks a year.

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    hi ShadoLnk

    Try to look arround, on this forum, we believe you will find appropriate hosting company.
    Good Luck.
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    I registered a domain for $3.99 at ****** (a deal they have w/ DomainsAreFree).

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    Originally posted by sandy54
    ev1 also offers domains for around 7 bucks a year.
    Not currently, it has been "temporarily unavailable" for quite some time now, which has to do with their new ICANN accreditation, so they are probably integrating that into their registration system.
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    Research and research and research. $100/year will be cheap if you find the right host. $50/year might be expensive if you choose the wrong host. But you can also get a $100/year nightmare deal and a $50/year good deal.

    Choose your software first. Write down what features you're going to need. Search some hosts here at WHT. Then research them. Visit their forums, if they have a forum.
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    Originally posted by Eu1net
    Research and research and research. $100/year will be cheap if you find the right host. $50/year might be expensive if you choose the wrong host. But you can also get a $100/year nightmare deal and a $50/year good deal.
    Think the point he is trying to make is there is no substitute for good old fashion homework when it comes to choosing a provider.
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