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    * Google Cartoon - My PR is Bigger than Yours, but NOT today.

    Blogged about this in my Friday Funnies but thought I'd come and share one of the cartoons with you here. Just added a new caption due to the fact that Google PR is mysteriously missing from every site.
    Even G has a PR 0.

    (NOTE TO MODS, this is not my blog, so I am not linking to myself. This is the blog where I found the image to begin with.)

    "My PR is Bigger than Yours!" (G rated)

    Looks like another serious case of PR envy to me!

    Actually as of today you are both PR-less until G gives us the green bars back.
    Sorry guys but neither one of you impresses me - NO CONTEST!
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    lol thats lol

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    well i don't get the idea behind cartoon.
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    Think maybe the warning about Viagra causing blindness has a connection to the PR outage?
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